36ish year old self employed, vegan, punk, anarchist, feminist, zinester, mostly straight, white, cis-lady agnostic secular witch. I'd like to know more witchy punx, although I'm pretty solitary when it comes to my own practices. I love DIY projects, dark mori, building altars, making charms, zines, travel, my house and home and things grow in my garden.

Witchcraft is the ultimate DIY project.

Gemini/Cancer cusp, rising Sagittarius, Leo moon.

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dear neowiccans:

please stop appropriating shit from other cultures.
please stop trying to reinforce a gender binary.
please stop trying to reinforce sex essentialism. 
please stop assuming all pagan are neowiccans.
please stop trying to claim native american/first nations and jews as pagan.
please stop blaming all abrahamic religions for christian and islamic extremists.
please actually pick up  damned book.
please learn the difference between a solar and a lunar calendar.
please stop being racist as fuck.
please also stop being transphobic, misogynistic, biphobic, homophobic, and white-centric.
please stop spreading misinformation about history, religion, and law. 
please start helping us self-police against predators. 
please stop victim blaming.
please stop perpetuating the idea that people only deserve to feel safe if they are always nice and sweet. 

dear all other pagans:

same as above.     

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Basic Warding Jar


p u r p o s e - To dispel, eradicate, and keep away negative and harmful energy.

s u p p l i e s

  • various herbs and oils*
    (I used mugwort, mint, sage, parsley, eucalyptus, green tea, geranium oil, and sweet marjoram oil)
  • jar with lid
  • dragons blood incense
  • permanent marker

*This is a very personal spell meant to protect you, your home, things that are important to you, so use herbs and oils that you personally associate with protection/cleansing!

  1. Mix the herbs and oils in the jar.
  2. Create a sigil that represents protection/safety/cleansing. Make sure it is simple enough that you can fit it on the lid of your jar. (Psst… here is a great tutorial on sigil crafting.)
  3. Draw your sigil on the inside of your lid with a permanent marker so it doesn’t rub off.
  4. Charge the sigil in your favorite way, then hold it in the smoke of the incense. Alternatively, if you have cone incense, you can burn it on top of the lid the sigil is drawn on.
  5. Dump the ashes in the jar, and seal the lid.
  6. All done! Now put the jar in a safe place, and charge periodically by shaking it.

e x t r a   t i p s

  • You can do the same thing in a smaller jar (like a baby food jar) and carry it with you, just make sure you seal it well!
  • It wouldn’t hurt to recharge the sigil every so often and adding more dragons blood ashes to the jar.
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So I told this tree I would make it Tumblr famous


And it looked at me quizzically because it didn’t know what a Tumblr was, but it knew that famous was a good thing, so it told me to keep talking.

So a while back, our landscaping crew decided that a couple of trees would be super duper lucky and get rock circles around the base of their trunks. No clue why they did it, but one day I was walking to work and noticed a few trees with circles and semi-circles around them. I always viewed them as being like rock pearl necklaces for the trees, or maybe smiley faces.

idk man, but apparently they are important because when I saw that one of the circles had been jacked up last week, the tree that owned said rock circle flipped its shit.


(this tree right here)

The first few days, it screeched about how it wanted me to fix the rocks OMG NOW BECAUSE ITS A BIG DEAL or something.

And when I told it to shove off and be patient and wait for the landscapers to do it, it got huffy.

It had over the weekend to stew on it, and by Monday, it was threatening to cut a bitch if I didn’t fix its damned rock circle.

Not even kidding.

And so I got tired of its whining and side-eyeing me 4 times a day, so today I bit the bullet and fixed the damned semi-circle, so now it looks like the tree is smiling again, which we all know its just using to hide its bitchy attitude. Yes.


And it seemed shocked I’d do this, even after it threatened me. So to mark this monumental day, I’m writing about it, and making it Tumblr famous, except not really, because who will reblog a story about a bitchy tree.

Just another day.

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Hi sec! I need some advice. I am planning to curse my rapists but I've never done stuff like that before and I'm a bit nervous about it. Is there anything I should be aware of before doing this? Also, not asking for a custom spell, but more like, there is so much information in general but it does not really help me right now because I'm not entirely sure what to look for. If you have any hints it would be very appreciated. :3


I mean, I don’t know how you’re going to perform the curse (technique wise).

But um… don’t put any glass bottles (usually with liquds) in fire (they explode) and make ouchies. If you set anything on fire, make sure you have proper fire hazard safety!!!! If you’re outside, clean up after yourself (leave it the way it came). 

Crown (thiscrookedcrown) uses gloves when she handles curses (special cursing gloves was what she described them), and I’ll also recommend gloves if you’re handling any urine or feces or blood. No, seriously, put some fucking gloves on for the love of christ. To the elbow.

If you do not own a penis, it’s kinda hard to aim if you’re urinating into a bottle, so my suggestion is to put the bottle up against your body, where the urinary meatus is in the CENTER of the bottle opening (smaller bottles make this harder, and then try to judge from there. Kinda like a drug test bottle, you should probably NOT fill it the whole way because spills and such. No seriously, this has been road tested. *thumbs up*

Probably should wear a face mask if you’re doing anything super crazy with pepper or hot sauce or any kind of herbs that may irritate your sinuses. You know what those are if they affect you so wearing a scarf or something over your mouth is pretty good.

There’s probably a lot of other tips and suggestions others have.

I tend to dispose of my curses (especially nasty ones) in running water, because it makes it much harder to retrieve and because of other reasons.  


Do not, I repeat, do not cut yourself with a rusty nail or anything like that. In fact, if a rusty nail scrapes or cuts your skin go to the hospital (if you are able) to get a tetanus shot.